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1. On Sunday July 22 will there still be some games to be played? If there are games Io be played when will it ends?
Answer: The draw has not been set up yet. That will be known approximately 10 days before the tournament. Depending on the number of entries received it might be possible for games to be extended to Sunday afternoon.

2. When will the dinner start and when will it end?
Answer: Farewell banquet starts on Sunday 7/22 @ 6pm or 7 pm and ends around 10 pm

3. Could you gave a general idea when the games start and when will the games end each day from July 20 to Jul 22?
Answer: Games are expected to start at 9 am daily. Again end time will depend on the number of entries received.

4. What is the invitation letter for? (For Visa???) I am canadian Citizen so I assumed I do not need an invitation letter?
Answer: Invitation letter is for the purpose of obtaining a visa. You do not need a visa and hence no invitation letter.

5. Any side tour plan to see Grand Canyon on July 19
Answer: We are referring any tour plans to Anna Chen of Lincoln Tours, 200 E. Garvey Ave. , Monterey Park, CA 91755. (626) 573-9066.

6. Any plan for Team(Group) events?
Answer: Sorry. We have no plans for any team events.


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